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Summer BBQ

19/05/2018 11:30
You are invited to join us in the end of term:  Summer BBQ 夏日燒烤 Good food, good company and great fun Date: Saturday, 19 May 2018  Time: 11.30 - 3.00 Venue: at Doreen/Steve house Programme:  We will watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Medgan together then follow by BBQ and...

Friday Bible Study

18/05/2018 18:00
Friday Bible Study meeting at FCH On 18 May 2018, at 6pm, it will be the last session of our bible study meeting at FCH for this term.  We will study the last chapter of James' gospel.  May resume in June at Doreen's house at further notice.  

Summer BBQ

17/05/2018 16:18
You are invited to join us in the celebration of this year's end of the term.  There will be good food and great fun!  

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